Leimer Hotel

Leimer Gasthausbrauerei

Enjoy your food and drink in Hotel – Restaurant Leimer Bräu in Lenzing


Hotel - Restaurant Leimer Bräu in Upper Austria
Photo: Gärtner Gotfried

Best, fresh products directly from our producers in the country

 In Restaurant enjoy you:

·         Home cooking

·         Upper Austrian dishes

·         Vegetarian dishes

·         Wholesome and international dishes

·         Fresh fish from Lake Attersee

·         Freshly made pizza

Welcome in Leimer Bräu!
your family Leimer


Popular and cheap lunch menu

from Monday to Friday

Like they can order our menu plan online

High time.
For a break.
Birthdays, friendship solid life, feasts with relatives, Mother's Day celebrations, I-love-you-resistant, pleasure parties, First Communion parties, corporate parties, Christmas.


Treat yourself and your loved ones a few hours of recovery with more atmosphere. We are glad to offer you customized packages and ideas for your best break in our restaurant.